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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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PHS Class of 1962

Early Photos


Carol Rhoten & Steve Allen, Friendliest Jack Gray & Martha Kirkpatrick, Best All Around Vienna Howard & Billy Grace, Most Courteous Cheryl Hunter & Robert Richardson, Most Likely to Succeed
Phillip Johnson & Louise Hill, Best Sports Jerry Kucera & Carol Cochran, Senior Favorites Sue Anne Steagall & Ronnie Rounsaville, Most Conscientious

Graduation invitation cover 1962

Martha Kirkpatrick's birthday 1955

Mary Anne Svetlik's birthday 1949

Mid-50's Mary Anne Svetlik birthday

Marjo Hettick's birthday 1957


Phillips Elementary class 1951?

Phillips Elementary Mrs. Flanders third grade class 1952-53

Phillips Girl Scout Brownie Troop

Martha Kirkpatrick walking a pipe in the canyons c. 1957

Trophy winners!

Tumbling team costumes glowed under blacklight.


Carol Cochran 1955

Carol Cochran 1958

Carol Rhoten 1957

Carolyn Plumlee 1958

Cheryl Hunter 1958

Elbert Brown 1955

Francille Andress 1958

Johnnie Morgan 1958

Kahra Dake 1955

Kerry Bowling 1956

Louise Hill 1955

Louise Hill 1958

Marjo Hettick 1955

Marjo Hettick 1958

Robert Richardson 1958

Carol Stidham 1955

Clinton Brown 1955

Johnnie Garner 1955

Linda Boykin 1953

Pete Perry 1955

Sue Bearden 1953

Martha Kirkpatrick and Curt Rogers 1949

Curt Rogers 1959

Jack Gray 1955

Joana Garner 1959

Martha Kirkpatrick 1954

Vienna Howard 1958

Off to the Cotton Bowl 1959: Carol Cochran and Martha Kirkpatrick


Sandra Roscoe n.d.



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