PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks

Phillips High School
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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Phillips Blackhawks News

2018 Reunion: July 13-14

 Amarillo Globe News article:  Phillips was a place like no other

PHS Veterans is 2 webpages: A listing of  PHS Veterans by class and Photos of PHS Veterans.

It's incomplete and we need your help to fill in the missing names and photos. [6MAY17]

Teachers and others of interest
is a webpage listing who taught what and when -- but it's incomplete and we need your help to fill in the blanks. [29MAY12]

Blackhawks' Achievements is a compendium of teacher, program & individual achievements as well as awards and honors earned by alumni.
Check out PHS Achievements and let us know what you've earned!

Newsletter Current Issue: Blackhawk Homecoming 2017

To receive your current issue, send a check or money order
made out to PHS Alumni Association for $7 annual dues to:
        PHS Alumni Association
        P.O. Box 1710
        Borger TX 79008

Back Issues of PHS Alumni Association Newsletters

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Blackhawks Homecoming Newsletters

'Blackhawk Spirit' Fall Newsletters



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In memoriam : Blackhawk Deaths
See Memories for deaths of classmates, teachers and other community figures

PHS Alumni Association Scholarships: With our endowment we give one year -- $500/semester -- scholarships based primarily on need to Frank Phillips College students:
4 Ray Robbins Scholarships: two to students from West Texas High School and two to students from Borger High School
2 J. I. Kimmins Scholarships to students from Sanford-Fritch High School
1 Chesty Walker Scholarship to a girl softball player at Frank Phillips College
1 Evelyn Hubbard Scholarship to a music major at Frank Phillips College
1 Lee Johnson Scholarship
2 Ada Creel Scholarships
2 Williams Brothers Scholarship
1 Anonymous Scholarship
1 Maurine Forbus Scholarship
1 Doug & Wanda Adkins Scholarship
1 Joe Hayes Scholarship
1 Cecil George Scholarship
1 Louise Gunter Scholarship
1 Opal Flanders Scholarship

In order to keep a scholarship, a student must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the first semester. To date we have awarded scholarships to twenty students.  [23JUL17]


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