PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks

Phillips High School
Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1710, Borger TX 79008

PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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PHS Veterans' Photos

Delbert Duncan PHS61 seated

Jess E. Demings PHS38

Marvin Demings PHS51

Paul Ross Demings PHS48


Tommy Demings PHS61

Donald McWhorter PHS60

Eldon 'Speedy' Burris PHS45

Gary Michael Phares PHS65


Ira Thomas Johnson PHS65

Jimmie Burris PHS57

Joe Bob Trumbly PHS59

John Sellinger PHS63


Jimmie R. Smith PHS61

Kenneth Norton PHS51

Marvin Brown PHS38

Phillip Mahan PHS63


Sam Gaines PHS57

William 'Billy' Low PHS61

Allan Tipps PHS51

Glen E. Buckles PHS53


David Lewis Moore PHS65

Bill J. Smith PHS57

The Ogle Boys: 7 sons in WWII

Roy White PHS60


Back L-R: Eugene 'Sonny; George S; Olin Ben 'B'
Front L-R: Roy D.; Lewis 'Tay'; Willard E; Alva E.



Mary Ann Svetlik PHS62

David Goldsmith PHS38




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