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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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PHS Veterans

Listed in class order are all the veterans from PHS we know about at this time. Source indicates where we obtained the information: S/F is self or family; Yr is 1946 50th yearbook; O is other source.
Any veteran who attended Phillips Schools at any time is welcome to be included. If you know of a veteran not listed, please send relevant information (name, branch of service and high school graduation year) -- and photo in uniform if possible to:

Class       Source
  Eugene H. 'Sonny' Ogle PHS?? USAAC S/F
  Olin Ben 'B' Ogle PHS?? USAAC S/F
  John J. Delametter PHS36 USAAC S/F
  Neal Buenz PHS37 USN S/F
  Marvin Brown PHS38 USAAC S/F
  Jesse Demings PHS38 USA S/F
  David Goldsmith PHS38 USN S/F
  Doyle Hughes PHS38 USA O
  Harold Hope PHS39 USMC S/F
  Dean Jennings PHS39 USN O
  Alvie Edward Ogle PHS39 USA S/F
  George Shelby Ogle, Jr. PHS39 USAAC S/F
  George S. Ogle, Jr. PHS40 USA S/F
  Willard Ogle PHS42 USA S/F
  Marcus Clytee Armstrong PHS43 USN S/F
  Clint Hall PHS43 USMC O
  Lewis 'Tay' Ogle PHS43 USA S/F
  Donald 'Speedy' Burris PHS45 USN S/F
  M. Allen Groff PHS45 USCG S/F
  Kenneth L Reed PHS45 USN S/F
  Kenneth Benton  PHS46 USA S/F
  Billy Bickers PHS46 USAF Yr
  Jim Brisco PHS46 USAF Yr
  Ben Earnest PHS46 USAF Yr
  Edward Gilman PHS46 USN Yr
  Roy Jack Holmes PHS46 USN Yr
  Scott Ingram PHS46 USAF Yr
  Eugene Millsap PHS46 USAF Yr
  Lloyd Naylor PHS46 USAF Yr
  Gene Oates   PHS46 USN S/F
  Jack O'Neal PHS46 USAF Yr
  Bob Pickens PHS46 USN Yr
  Bill Stevens PHS46 USN Yr
  William L. Trollinger PHS46 USA Yr
  Jim Turner PHS46 USN Yr
  BK 'Billie' Viean PHS46 WAC Yr
  Richard Wright PHS46 USAF Yr
  Tom Zion PHS46 USAF Yr
  Rainey Cox PHS47 USMC O
  A.W. "Red" Dawson PHS47 USA O
  Roy D. Ogle PHS47 USA S/F
  Paul Demings PHS48 USA S/F
  Frank Strech PHS48 USN O
  Beal Beaver PHS49 USAF S/F
  Bob W. Sims PHS49 USA S/F
  Don Zollars PHS49 USN O
  James W. Beaver  PHS50 USAF S/F
  Bill Henderson PHS50 USAF O
  Raymond Kelly PHS50 USAF O
  Barney Turner PHS50 USAF O
  Jerald Dozier PHS51 USA O
  Tommy Hale PHS51 USA S/F
  Kenneth Norton PHS51 USN S/F
  Stanley W. Alexander  PHS52 USAF S/F
  Paul Burney PHS52 USN S/F
  Jerrell Phares PHS52 USA O
  Clarence Allen Tipps PHS52 USN S/F
  Glen E. Buckles PHS53 USAF S/F
  Max White PHS53 USA O
  Don Beene             PHS54 USANG O
  Terry Miller PHS54 USMC O
  Larry Rider PHS54 USA O
  Vernon Burney  PHS55 USAFNG S/F
  Tom Covington    PHS55 USANG O
  George W. 'Billy' Fetter  PHS55 USAF S/F
  Harry Kirkpatrick PHS55 USA S/F
  Gary Anderson PHS56 USA S/F
  David Baker PHS56 USA O
  Phillip Forman PHS56 USA S/F
  Aubrey 'Judge' Perry PHS56 USA S/F
  Jimmie Dean Burris PHS57 USANG S/F
  Sam Gaines PHS57 USMC S/F
  Bill J. Smith PHS57 USA S/F
  Frank Willmon PHS57 USAF S/F
  Wayne Burris PHS58 USN O
  Bob Richards PHS58 USN O
  Eddie Webb  PHS58 USA S/F
  John Adkisson PHS59 USA O
  Marvin Demings PHS59 USA S/F
  James Flue PHS59 USA S/F
  Gary Glasgow PHS59  USA S/F
  Joe Bob Trumbly PHS59 USAF S/F
  James Riley Verden PHS59 USA S/F
  Billy C. Ward  PHS59 USCG S/F
  Gary L. Bullard PHS60 USA S/F
  David Henderson PHS60 USA O
  Alton F. Lookadoo PHS60 USA S/F
  Donald Wayne McWhorter PHS60 USA S/F
  Henry W. Neff PHS60 USA S/F
  Larry Verden PHS60 USA O
  Roy L. White PHS60 USA S/F
  Mark Argo PHS61 USMC O
  Rex Avara PHS61 USMC O
  Tim Billington PHS61 USN O
  Tommy Carroll PHS61 USAF S/F
  Leon Chester PHS61 USA S/F
  Tommy Demings PHS61 USA S/F
  Delbert Duncan PHS61 USA S/F
  Harry 'Rick' Harbison  PHS61 USA S/F
  Mike Kendrick PHS61 USA O
  William 'Billy' Low PHS61 USA S/F
  Dale Moore PHS61 USA O
  Ed Pennington PHS61 USA O
  Rick Rickard  PHS61 USA S/F
  Jimmy Smith PHS61 USA S/F
  Larry G. Stevens PHS61 USAF S/F
  Richard Verden PHS61 USA S/F
  Jimmy Warren PHS61 USA O
  Johnny Achord PHS62 USN O
  Clinton Brown PHS62 USN O
  Jerry D. Brown PHS62 USAF S/F
  Bill Keil PHS62 USN S/F
  Larry Kossey PHS62 USA O
  Bob Malone PHS62 USN O
  Ray L Robbins PHS62 USA S/F
  Mary Anne Svetlik PHS62 USA S/F
  Delton Waits PHS62 USMC O
  Tommy Adkisson PHS63 USN O
  Martin Beasley, Jr. PHS63 USN O
  Robert Burks PHS63 USN O
  Billy Crockett PHS63 USA O
  Norman Flue PHS63 USA S/F
  Larry Keller PHS63 USAF S/F
  Phillip Mahan PHS63 USA S/F
  Jerry Newcomb PHS63 USA O
  David Reck PHS63 USN O
  Scott Rickard PHS63 USA S/F
  John Sellinger PHS63 USA S/F
  Phillip Stone PHS63 USA O
  Oscar Doughty, Jr. PHS64 USN S/F
  John Harris PHS64 USANG S/F
  Don May PHS64 USA O
  Harvey Morris PHS64 USA O
  James Pumphrey PHS64 USA O
  Neal Edward Wood PHS64 USA S/F
  Rocky Clark PHS65 USA O
  Gary Davis PHS65 USA O
  Carroll Gideon PHS65 USA S/F
  Harold Gideon PHS65 USA S/F
  Mark Graham PHS65 USA S/F
  Allen Jenkins PHS65 USA S/F
  Ira Thomas Johnson PHS65 USN S/F
  David Lewis Moore PHS65 USA S/F
  Harold Nelson PHS65 USN S/F
  Gary Michael Phares PHS65 USN S/F
  Brad Waits PHS65 USAF S/F
  Bob Banes PHS66 USA S/F
  Norvell Brown PHS66 USN S/F

Johnny T. Graves

  Jerry Kossey PHS66 USA O
  Stephen R. Upchurch PHS66 USA S/F
  Don DeGeer III PHS67 USA S/F
  Tom Gillum PHS67 USA O
  Eugene Hunter PHS67 USAF S/F
  Roger Peterson PHS67 USA S/F
  James Wilson PHS67 USA S/F
  Daniel Purcell PHS69 USN S/F
  Mike Zink PHS69 USA S/F
  Michael Wayne Armstrong PHS71 USA S/F
  Diane DeGeer PHS71 USAF S/F
  Joe Bob Henderson PHS72 USAF S/F
  Danny Drennan PHS73 USAF S/F
  Shannon Patrick PHS77 USMC O
  David McWilliams PHS78 USN S/F
  Kevin F. Jones PHS83 USN O
  Thomas F Johnson PHS87 USA S/F
  Kyle Kindy WTHS99 USMC S/F


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