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Stories, mostly about Mr. Kimmins, mostly from the original website

#24 I remember one episode with the dreaded hickory piece. Jim Copus and I were goofing off in one of the lady teacher's class, I forget which one, and we got nailed. Well, it was off to the shop where the "unit" was kept. Jim and I being 18 years old and thinking, Do we really want to take a "licking?" No, so we started goofing off again and begin discussing between ourselves weather to submit or not. After all, we were almost grown men. Then JIK said, "Come on boys take your licks" We finally said, "OK", and received our just desserts. I wonder if my name is on the wood? Loomas Marshall '53

#23 Well, I have truly enjoyed reading these anecdotes about Mr. Kimmins and the notorious paddle. Perhaps someone from the Phillips High School Alumni Association could approach Mr. Kimmins and request the paddle be located and donated to our Phillips Heritage Center. Then, it could be displayed in a glass case for all of us alums to see and remember those days of glory when some of us were "invited" into Mr. Kimmins' office for a well-deserved busting??? There appears to be considerable history involving this amazing paddle. It would be quite fun to see some of the "names" inscribed on this paddle!

#22 Don't remember exactly how many times, but believe me it was many! Mr.(JIK) gave me the job of building him a new paddle in woodshop due to the fact that my signature appeared so many times on his old one that nobody else could sign it. Stupid me, I made it from Hickory and proceeded to get the first busting with that one too. And Gary Yoder, you are wrong! Ms. Burleson busted me nearly every day and many times, you started it, but I got caught! Mike Young '70

#21 Only once, for fighting in the girls bathroom (with Gay Watson). I would have preferred to be shot in the foot than to hear the "I am so disappointed in you" speech. Tari Vanlandingham Thomas '68

#20 I have no idea! My skirts were always 1/2" too short and I almost ran out of skirts to please him. Loved him anyway, Darla Caviness, 69

#19 He only got me once, and of course it wasn't my fault. Phil Erdmann Class of 64

#18 Dick Cook Class of 1960... Got Busted in the Fall of 1959 for wearing a Polo Shirt (N0 Collar) that was the rule had to have a shirt collar. I was sent home to change into a respectable shirt with collat. I then threw my boat collar shirts away. JIK was firm and enforced the rules but I was never busted...

#17 # 16, IS THAT YOU?, JOHNNY U

#16 66 Times!

#15 NEVER!!! i'm in high school now & ,believe me!, i did a lot of things i could be busted for...but i never got actually busted. weird, ha?

#14 I have read all of the "tall tales" about Mr. Kimmins beating everyone. Are we all talking about the same Mr. Kimmins who worked at the school on Saturday mornings and allowed a few of us to enter the high school gym to shoot hoops? I do not recall any hint of meaness or violence in this man's face. I do recall, however, that he was always cheerful to a few of us and always inquired about how we were doing. This cannot be the same man who everyone is alleging "brutalized" the student population. You all must be mistaking this benevolent, considerate principal for someone else. There is no way this man could resort to corporal punishment in the fashion that I am reading in this "Busted" category. I do remember that this man had the capability of instilling discipline and good character in Phillips students. Did a paddle really ever exist in this man's office???

#13 I remember getting busted a couple of times by JIK...Mr. Kimmins -- it was an honor! The paddle as I recall had lots of holes in it and JIK had an unusual swing! But Mrs. Willis had ya' beat Mr. Kimmins. Her swing was what baseball legends are made of! As I recall, she would make you bend over and hold your ankles...She would then rear back as far as she could and when that paddle hit my rear end I flew across the room into the opposite wall! Rubbing my head and my rear I realized this women was not to be messed with! (grin) Loren Kelly, Sr.'69'

#12 Remember not being able to leave the gym once you'd gone there after lunch?? Well, Sherry (Bugg) Hopkins & I decided to go to Cut-Rate grocery store for a candy bar, but we were already in the gym. The plan was to watch for Mr. Kimmins & other teachers & when the coast was clear- - run like heck. I ran - - Sherry didn't. Why??? There was Mr. Kimmins & he took off in hot pursuit right behind me yelling "stop that girl, stop that girl". I made it (proudly, at the time) to Cut Rate, bought my candy & snuck back in the gym. Guess who was called out of her next class - yep, me! I knew I was getting busted for sure, I didn't, but there was a LONG discussion of rules & how to follow them & why!! Melinda (Kuhrt) Lynch

#11 By Mr. Kimmins, only twice. I got one from Mrs McGee. From Mrs. Willis, I can't count that high. I even remember her dunking my head in a sink of water for going to sleep in class. Jan L. Brooks

#10 This category reminds me of my only spanking that I received in school. The corporal punishment happened during my second grade year, administered by Mildred McGee, Phillips Elementary Principal. I got into a fight with a great friend on the playground and we both took a "brutal beating". We were subsequently hauled into Mrs. McGee's office and she listened to both our stories as to who started the altercation. Without so much as smile or a hit of sympathy, she pulled out her notorious paddle and the paddlings commenced. I still vividly recall that I was the last to get it and I had my tongue sticking out. She said, "Young man, stick that tongue back inside your mouth!" Whack! Whack! Whack! I learned to avoi` her office the rest of iy school)bapedr*((Thb)`a`)p`ru) 0D about the experience was that school photos were taken the next day and I still laugh when I look at that photo with my scar and a fat lip on my smiling face. Needless to say, my mother was mortified.

#9 I never got busted by JIK, but by coaches and I know I have the record for the most swats from Miss Burleson in Jr High choir!!!! G. Yoder '70

#8 My Gosh! Several times from Mr Kimmons. My bustings actually started to mount up in the first grade from Mr Adkins. One or two a week. What a nice man, so you know that I must have been really pushing the envelope Hahaha. Bob '70

#7 Jay Poulain '71 and I decided not to return to school after lunch because the bus to Vernon for the Iowa Park game was going to leave around 2:00 P.M. The phone rang and I answered, feeling sure that Craig Phillips '71 was pulling our collective legs. I assured him, Mr. K., we would be right back, duh. Monday morning was not a pretty sight, and I still have to believe it was Craig since no one else knew where Jay and I were!! Kirk McClellan'72

#6 Bob Rinehart was picking on me as usual and I hit him. I was sent to the office. I wouldn't tell Mr. Kimmins why I hit him and got a bustin'. The next year we were smoking in the rest room and Bob Rinehart wouldn't give me a puff. On the way back to class the tardy bell rang and we were in front of Mr Kimmin's office. He came out and sniffed and said "Have you boys been smoking?" I said "I haven't but Bobby has." I was sent to class and Bob got a bustin'. Paid ole Bob back. PR Hancock class of 1947.

#5 i never learned to count that high. when we wanted to miss a test, we just removed our belt and went by the office for some inane reason so he would see us and send us home to get a belt. billy kindle, class of 74

#4 I got busted the last day of school, the period of the day, my senior year for getting in a fight with Jim Hopkins. Kevin McClellan '69

#3 No bustings, He was fond of sending me home to "think it over".

#2 My "bustings" were limited to being sent home for dresses shorter than 3 inches above the knee. My record was three times in three days. Nancy Grooters Amburn

#1 I think that he only got me twice...... I think.....Craig Hunter


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