PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks

Phillips High School
Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1710, Borger TX 79008

PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Heritage Center View

"I have traveled all over the state of Texas and I have never seen a school display their memorabilia with such pride and passion as the Phillips Blackhawks and Phillips High School."

Joe Nick Patoski, Curator, 'Texas High School Football: More Than the Game', the newest exhibit at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, Austin, Texas.
Told to Sharon Flinn Blythe and Mike Webb at the Grand Opening of the exhibit, Friday August 5th, 2011.

PHS Letter Jacket Portraits from PHS hallway
PHS Letter Sweater 1953 PHS Choir Program
PHS Jackets 1954 Minstrel Show Program
Ringcase '64 PHS Yearbook
Class Rings '38 Closeup '65 PHS Yearbook
PHS Letter Blanket PHS Student Handbook  '56-57
WARNING: very large file!
PHS Throw Phillips Free Fair Booklet '72
PHS Band Banner PHS Music Awards

PHS Class pictures are accessed from the Pictures webpage

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