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Places: Phillips Blackhawks Photo Archive

Page 4B Other Places in Hutchinson County TX

Adobe Walls

Above: a late 1800's view of Adobe Walls showing the Fort on the right and Hanrahan's Saloon in the middle. Other buildings included a hide yard, a blacksmith's shop and several residences. A b&w photo of a painting by John Eliot Jenkins, Adobe Walls, 1874, oil on canvas, 1931, at Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Canyon TX.

Right: the historical marker for Adobe Walls, all that remains today.


Above: 1952 aerial view

Right: Typical Bunavista home in 2010.


Electric City

In the 1920's

Above: Johnson Camp near Electric City looking toward the river

Left: Johnson Camp looking toward Electric City


Right: Downtown in 2007




Far Left: Holt School.

Near Left: Holt Cemetery, founded 1909, with historical marker
Photos courtesy of Barclay Gibson 2010



Right: International Supply Co. of Texas 1926
Isom merged with Borger in December 1926.

McIlroy Camp 1946: Theresa Ann & Betty Joy Marchman
Photo courtesy of Nadine ‘Dean’ Little Aliff Collection

McIlroy Camp overview 1946
Photo courtesy of Nadine 'Dean' Little Aliff Collection


Lake Meredith: Harbor Bay in 1999 and 2011
See the dramatic effects of a prolonged drought.





Left: Main Street, Plemons, County seat of Hutchinson County in the Panhandle oil fields. 1924

Below left: Burned-out Plemons School. 1971

Below: Half mile long Plemons Bridge built in late 1920's spans the Canadian River








Right: Pringle sign and grain elevators



Above: Sanford Post Office

Spring Creek School

Left: Spring Creek School today
Photo courtesy of Bruce Mason 2011


Right: Courthouse in Stinnett, County seat of Hutchinson County
Below left: Historical Marker for Isaac McCormick Cottage
Below right: Isaac McCormick Cottage
Isaac McCormick photos courtesy of Terry Jeanson 2008

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