PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks

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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Pictures from the 1940's


1945 Phillips Free Fair Kiddie Kars

1941 PHS Band Director Ray Robbins with Drum Major & Twirlers

2nd Phillips Free Fair: 1945
Photo by G. Riley Hettick

Phillips Blackhawks Band: 1947 Twirlers & Drum Major
Band Director, Ray Robbins

3 1947 PHS Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders: 1947

Pantex Hospital which later became the Community Hall

Blackhawks Basketball Team: early 1940's
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Nolan

1940's Classroom
Photo courtesy of Rinky Chivers

Dorinne Moss and 'Scotty' in Old Phillips 1940's
Photo courtesy of Dorinne Moss

Dorinne Moss in front of Tom & John Pharmacy; view of Goodwin's Red & White Grocery in Old Phillips 1940's
Photo courtesy of Dorinne Moss

1944 First Grade Dress Up Party at the Community Hall
Photo courtesy of Rinky Chivers

1940's Boys' Fishing Trip
Photo courtesy of Rinky Chivers


Scan courtesy of Kimberly Nolan

3rd Grade play 1947
Photo by J.T. Record courtesy estate of Carol Sue Martindale

Miss Holt's 5th grade class 1945-46 identified by Shirley Davis PHS '53

Front Row (seated) ?, ?, Arta Sue Wood, Dana Henderson, Melba Haugh, ?, 
Myra Su Paxton, Shirley Nicholson, Janan Stamps, Nelda Conklin, Bernice 
Back Row Marilyn Garrett, Billy Hampton, Miss Holt, ?, ?, Glenda 
Knowles, ?, Wilma Livesay, Wanda Bybee, Anna Fike, Patsy Wood, Shirley 
Davis, Jimmy Wetzel, ?, Bob King, Teddy Reddick

Mrs. Williamson's 6th grade class 1946-47 identified by Shirley Davis PHS '53

Sitting (front row) Bob Lewis
Kneeling (Row 2, l-r) Billy Hampton, Bobby Jack Shields, Dale Ray Wiley, ?, (leaning in) Philip Mangham, Bobby Harper
Standing (Row 3) ?, Shirley Davis, Nelda Conklin, ?, ?, Frances Weaver, Evelyn Wilson, Shirley Armstrong, Sharlene Smith, Arta Sue Wood, Veryl Plumlee, Dana Henderson, Janan Stamps, Shirley Nicholson, Myra Su Paxton
Standing (Back Row) ?, Marilyn Garret, ?, Anna Fike, Mrs. Williamson, Bernice Franklin, Glenda Knowles, Patsy Wood


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