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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Chesty Walker's Football Rules
Contributed by Kyle Lynch


1. Every boy must develop a burning desire for our team to win each and every game…one at a time.
2. You must be unusually aggressive:
a. Be rough but fair
b. Run hard
c. Tackle hard
d. Block hard
3. Education comes first. Then football. You will not have time for other outside activities.
4. If you want to have a good team, everyone must work together. You must pay the price. The price is sweat. You must sacrifice some things others get to do.
5. Strive for perfection every minute and every hour on the field. Don’t see how little you can do…see how much you can do.
6. We never master football. You can approach mastering and be the best, if you will improve day by day, trying a little harder every time you work at something. Let’s make progress.
7. Look in the mirror to criticize yourself and not to admire. Give a true evaluation of yourself.
8. Be willing to pay the price to be a success.
  •     a. No smoking.
  •     b. No drinking
  •     c. No carbonated drinks.
  •     d. Sleep:10:00 PM weeknights 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday nights.
  •     e .Eat right: Lots of milk, Eggs, Broiled meat, Breakfast foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Potatoes (not fried), Graham crackers and honey, Malts, candy, ice cream (OK right after meal).
            Don’t eat: Pastries, Doughnuts, Popcorn, Nuts, Fried Foods
  •     f. Don’t eat between meals.
    9. Don’t drink too much water after practice for 1 hour.
    10. To be the best in anything, YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE.
    11. Every player and every coach gets back just what he puts into it.
    12. All players should think in terms of team success instead of individual success. You don’t play to read your name in the papers.
    13. Always work hard on your weaknesses. We will help you by pointing out your weaknesses.
    14. Your physical condition plays the all-important part.
    15. Be prompt. Be on time and never miss a practice.
    16. Get out on the field, warm up a little, practice on your weaknesses. DON’T FLOP DOWN.
    17. Dress as fast as you can. You can dress in 10 minutes or an hour and 10 minutes, we prefer 10 minutes.
    18. Everyone must concentrate on assignments.
    19. Know what hustle means. Your practice habits carry over.
    20. When we score or kick-off, all boys on bench should stand up.
    21. No player is allowed to talk to the officials from the bench.
    22. When a player comes off the field and someone takes his place, the player leaving the field should come near the coach for a minute to see if there are any instructions before going to the bench.
    23. A player should not worry about being criticized. When you don’t get criticism, it is time to worry. When we criticize you, it is not personal.
    24. When talking to your coach, look him straight in the eye.
    25. Get out of the habit of saying “uh-huh” and “huh-uh”. Always say, “yes sir” and “no sir” .
    26. Give your high school good representation on and off the field.
        a. Don’t be noisy on a trip
        b. Talk quietly and act like a gentleman when eating.
        c. Don’t grab bread. Don’t start eating until the meal is served. Don’t keep the waitresses running bringing more water. Drink before you get there. Don’t make a pig of yourself. Two, or three at the most, pieces of bread is plenty.
    27. Learn how to meet people. When meeting someone, always say, “ I am happy to meet you, Mr. Smith”. When leaving, “I am very happy to have met you, Mr. Smith.
    28. DON’TS:
        a. No profanity.
        b. Never use illegal tactics.
        c. No slugging…that is cowardly.
        d. No alibi…same as back talk.
        e. No gambling on trips…friendships are broken from such.
        f. No comic books on trips.
        g. No cockiness.
        h. No horseplay in dressing rooms.
        i. Don’t sit down on field (one knee).
    29.THINGS TO DO:
        a. Hang up all your equipment.
        b. When muddy, clean you shoes outside before entering dressing room.
        c. You are responsible for your equipment…not the manager…take care of it
        d. Help keep y our dressing room clean.
        e. All equipment left outside your locker will be collected and you will be assessed a penalty to replace same.
    30. Stay off the streets the night before a game.
    31. Report all injuries, no matter how slight.
    32. Stay out of equipment room.
    33. Wear helmets at the times on field.



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